Don’t Throw Them Away!

Do you and your family members have broken scapulars lying around? If you were vested more than a year ago, you likely have a “scapular graveyard” accumulating in a drawer somewhere. From the outside it looks like a tangled pile of frayed wool and snapped cords beyond repair—but you know better than to throw them out!

The brown scapular is a sacramental, which means it has a special significance and role in supporting your journey to heaven. This is why the Church asks us to treat them with reverence and respect throughout the process of disposal.

Don’t worry—we have all the answers for how to properly dispose of your old scapulars right here! Now you can finally clear out your drawer and upgrade to sacramentals that will actually last.

Steps for Proper Disposal of Your Scapular

The Catholic Church has clear guidance for this exact situation. Follow these simple steps to respectfully dispose of your old scapulars:

  1. If beyond repair or wearability, they should be burned into ash.
  2. Then, collect the ashes and bury them, preferably on church grounds or in a Catholic cemetery. If you are unable to burn, worn-out scapulars may reverently be buried whole.
  3. If unable to burn or bury, reach out to your parish office and ask for someone at the parish to dispose of them properly. Parish staff will know what to do! 

Get a Scapular that Will Last!

The brown scapular is a sign of a covenant that should last a lifetime. That’s why our founder, Steve Kerekes, desired to wear one that would hold up for many years!

Unfortunately, most scapulars are poorly made and do not represent the permanence of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s promise to St. Simon Stock. Steve was unable to find one he believed would last through daily wear and tear, so he decided to design the perfect scapular himself. Check out our innovative collection designed to last!

If your new scapular manages to wear out within our guaranteed lifespan of seven years (we are confident it won’t), just let us know and we’ll gladly replace it for you.


Give the Gift of Lasting Devotion

We believe every Catholic should be vested in Our Lady’s special protection. This includes kids as young as the age of reason! However, kids are known to be rough on clothing, and most scapulars are too long to fit comfortably on small bodies. This is why we designed a size just for kids with a durability guarantee you won’t find anywhere else!

Start your kids off young in their devotion to our Blessed Mother. Order them a gift that will last a lifetime!



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June 30, 2021 — Gabor Kerekes