And Get a Scapular that Will Last!

A scapular is a sign of a covenant that should last a lifetime. That’s why our founder, Steve Kerekes, desired to make a scapular that would hold up for many years! Unfortunately, many scapulars are poorly made and do not represent the permanence of Our Lady’s promise to St. Simon Stock.

Do you and your family members have some worn-out scapulars or other religious items lying around? Holy items that have been blessed signify that they are set aside for a sacred purpose and therefore should be treated with reverence and respect when disposing of them. Follow these simple steps to respectfully dispose of your old scapular:

  1. Burn your scapular if it is beyond repair or wearability.
  2. Then, collect the ashes and bury them, preferably on church grounds or in a Catholic cemetery. If unable to burn, the scapulars can be buried.
  3. If unable to burn or bury your scapular, reach out to your parish office and ask for someone at the parish to dispose of the scapular properly.
  4. Get a scapular that will last a lifetime from®!
June 30, 2021 — Gabor Kerekes