St. Cecilia Sterling Silver Medal

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St. Cecilia was born in the 2nd century.  She dedicated her life to God and pledged her virginity to him.  Cecilia was from a very wealthy family and was given in marriage to a Roman named Valerian.  On their wedding night, Cecilia told Valerian of her pledge of virginity.  Valerian came to believe in the Faith through Cecilia and was baptized along with his brother, Tibertius.  Valerian and Tibertius were bother martyred for their faith.  A year after their martyrdom, Cecilia was ordered to be executed as well.  After failing to suffocate her in an extremely heated bath house, the romans tried to behead Cecilia.  The executioner struck her neck 3 times before giving up.  Cecilia survived three days after this and then died from her wounds.  Cecilia is known as the patron saint of music, instrument makers, and poets.

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Product Details

  • Sterling Silver
  • 3/4-inch tall by 1/2-inch wide
  • Optional chain in various sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits in your scapular pocket

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