St John Paul II Sterling Silver Medal

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St. John Paul II is one of the greatest Saints of the modern age. Our sterling silver medal of the saint shows him in papal garments in front of St. Peter's in the Vatican.  The back of the medal has the image of Christ crucified.

St. John Paul II was born to a humble family as Karol Wojtyla in Poland in 1920. His mother died when he was only 8 years old and his father passed in Wojtyla's early adulthood. After losing his father in 1941, Wojtyla decided to study to become a priest. Living in Poland during this period, especially as a priest, was very difficult.  Wojtyla lived through the ruthless Nazi rule only to be followed by communist Russia. It was a hard time, but it did not stop Karol from playing sports, being a theatre performer, writing beautiful poetry and rhetoric, becoming a priest amidst the oppression, and living a life dedicated to God. 

Karol Wojtyla was ordained a bishop in 1958 at the young age of 38.  He was a bishop during the Second Vatican Council which concluded in 1965, and just 2 years later he was ordained a Cardinal.  Wojtyla was elected Pope in 1978, after his predecessor, John Paul I, died only 33 days after becoming pope. At the age of 58, John Paul II went on to have the 3rd longest Pontificate in history, lasting 27 years. During his time as pope, John Paul II traveled more than any pope ever had. JPII touched the hearts of so many, especially young people. He is the patron saint of youth, families, and World Youth Day.

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Product Details:

  • Sterling silver
  • 3/4-inch tall by 1/2-inch wide
  • Optional chain in various sizes
  • Made in the USA

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