Our Lady of Guadalupe


We are thrilled to offer a spectacular custom representation of this miraculous image on this detailed medal, surrounded by the words, “Our Lady of Guadalupe”. The back of the medal says, “Pray for Us”.

Our Lady of Guadalupe’s apparition in Mexico—and the miracles associated with her appearance—had a massive impact on the spiritual character of North America. Juan Diego was an indigenous Mexican convert who encountered the Blessed Mother as he passed by Tepeyac hill on his way to Mass in the year 1513. She appeared as an Indian Maiden and requested that a shrine be built on that very hill. But when Juan relayed her request to the bishop, he was brushed aside without proof of his vision.

Juan Diego went back to the hill and asked Our Lady what to do. She told him to fill his tilma (cloak) with roses, but this was in December—not the time of year for roses to bloom! Miraculously, he found a bed of roses right where she told him they would be. Our Lady arranged and blessed the blooms in his tilma before sending him off to the bishop. When Juan Diego opened his tilma for Bishop Zumárraga, an image appeared on the cloth. This is the same image we cast into this medal!

The image shows Mary with her hair loose under her veil. Loose hair was an Aztec symbol of virginity. The belt around her waist symbolizes her pregnancy with the Christchild. She looks down out of humility. Our Lady stands in front of the sun with the moon under her feet. This was a sign to the natives that she was more powerful than their former gods, as the sun and moon symbolized those deities. 

Within the next decade, 9 million people converted to Catholicism because of this powerful image! Mary’s visit effectively ended the bloody human sacrifice popular in Central America up until that point. This is why so many invoke her patronage both as Queen of Mexico and the Protectress of the Unborn from the modern sin of abortion. Get yours today!

Product Details

  • 0.87" (standard size)
  • Nickel
  • Custom Italian metalwork
  • Fits in your scapular pocket!