Why We Exist

After 20 years of complaining about poor quality sacramentals, our founder, Steve Kerekes, finally decided to do something about it. Today we make brown scapulars, rosaries, and more! A brown scapular signifies a covenant that should last a lifetime, and the rosary is a crown of everlasting blooms placed on the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

That’s why we only use the highest quality materials from around the globe to create the most comfortable, durable sacramentals in the world. Because you deserve a sacramental as strong as your devotion!


Super durable, American-made cord makes our sacramentals extraordinarily sturdy! This quality commitment means you can wear your scapular anywhere and pray the rosary without worry of breakage.


A scapular isn’t a hair-shirt, people: it doesn’t have to feel itchy or uncomfortable. We use super-soft, Australian merino wool so it feels more like a warm hug from your mother than a tough penance.


Every detail of our sacramentals is deeply intentional, from the intricate embroidery to the Deliverance Cross custom-made by our Italian craftsmen partners.

NEW Sacred Medals and Keychains!

Our Italian partners are back in the workshop! Check out our full collection of medals and keychains. They come in a variety of beautiful designs, colors, and sizes—all super durable so you can take your Catholic faith with you wherever you go.

Two Ways to Save

1. Large Family Discounts! We offer a large family discount off of orders of 5+ qualifying items, and even more off of orders of 10+ items!

2. Free Shipping! Get free shipping on orders over $75!

You Buy One. We Give Back.

Every individual purchase made on our site, powers our mission to ensure those in need have access to quality sacramentals. Help us spread devotion to Our Lady!