The strongest, comfiest scapulars ever!

Rosaries that
last a lifetime.


Your New Favorite Scapular

The scapular is a beautiful Catholic tradition. When you wear it, Mary protects you with grace! So why settle for a cheap, itchy one that breaks in a year or two?

A scapular should be yours to wear for life. That’s why we create the most durable, comfortable scapulars in the world. You can love the feeling of wearing it everywhere, without worrying about it breaking. 


Handmade with super durable, American-made cord, so it won’t wear out. (If it ever does, we’ll replace it for free.)


A scapular isn’t a penance, it’s a devotion! We use Australian merino wool that feels like a warm hug from your heavenly mother.


People love the little features of our sacramentals, like the pockets in the scapulars and the Deliverance Cross on the rosaries.

A Get Out of Hell Free Card?

The scapular is often misunderstood. Here's how the devotion works.

Pick a Sacred Medal or Keychain

Handcrafted by our partners in Italy! Keep your favorite medal in your scapular’s handy little pocket, so it’s safe and close to you everywhere.

You Buy One, We Give Back

For every scapular you purchase from us, we’ll give one to an elderly person so they can feel the surety and sweetness of Our Lady’s protection! We also provide scapulars to young people on pilgrimage.