Black and Silver Deliverance Cross Rosary


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The Rosary is one of the greatest gifts of prayer God has ever given to the faithful. From the Middle Ages until today, battles have been won, disasters have been averted, and countless souls have been touched by the grace of God through the praying of the Rosary.

Every detail of this glorious sacramental was designed with heartfelt, prayerful intention. The Latin prayers on the crucifix, “Deliver me, Jesus” and “Have mercy on me, Jesus” come from the Litany of Trust. Jesus’ halo is a symbol of the Holy Eucharist. The outward facing and pointed body of Christ on the front of the crucifix represents the transcendent nature of God. The interwoven “Cosmatic” design on the back surrounds the Star of the Sea and represents the eternal nature of God.

This black and silver rosary manages a sleek, modern look without sacrificing any of the ancient beauty inherent in this holy sacramental.

Lifetime Rosaries are crafted with the highest quality materials available in order to last for the rest of your earthly journey. Upgrade to a rosary that reflects the strength and beauty of your devotion to Our Blessed Mother!

Product Details

  • Super durable American-made paracord
  • Weighted beads
  • Custom-designed centerpiece and crucifix from Italy
  • A sacramental as strong and beautiful as your devotion
  • Rosary is 17" in length