St. Anthony


Our St. Anthony medal depicts a private moment from the life of this great saint, witnessed by his host in a city where he was preaching. Anthony was seen deep in prayer holding the baby Jesus. This medal highlights the close relationship between St. Anthony and the holy child with a beautiful embrace—representing both the humanity of Christ and the contemplative nature of Anthony’s spirituality. The back of the medal invokes the prayers of this holy friar.

The St. Anthony medal makes a great companion to your brown scapular, and will fit perfectly in your scapular pocket. 

St. Anthony of Padua was born to a wealthy family in late 12th century Lisbon. Anthony maintained a close relationship with God from his youth, and is often depicted with lilies representing his purity. He first entered the order of St. Augustine as a teen, but the simplicity of the Franciscan lifestyle appealed to him. After much prayer and study, Anthony became an ordained Franciscan friar.

Wise and well-read, Anthony was initially sent to preach to the Saracens in Morocco—an assignment he hoped would end in martyrdom for Christ. Unfortunately, illness prevented him from completing this assignment. He went on to teach Theology throughout Italy and France, becoming a respected preacher. Rather than prove the heretics wrong, St. Anthony endeavored to win their hearts by speaking profoundly about the beauty of the Church and her teachings. This earned him the title of Doctor of the Church!

Anthony is also known as a miracle-worker and holds many patronages. Modern Catholics often invoke his intercession for recovering lost items, but St. Anthony of Padua is also the patron saint of the poor, sailors, fishermen, priests, travelers, mail, apathetic souls, those who have left the church, and souls in the grip of mortal sin. Order your St. Anthony medal today!

Product Details

  • Nickel
  • 0.87" (fits in your scapular pocket)
  • Detailed Italian metalwork