A scapular represents a covenant—one that should last a lifetime

How It All Started

Hi, I’m Steve Kerekes, the founder of scapulars.com®. It is my intention, hope and prayer to help revive the scapular tradition. I believe that every Catholic in the world should be wearing one! Here’s the problem:

Today’s scapulars are cheap, poorly stitched, uncomfortable, breakable and pathetic.

The whole point of a scapular is that you wear it for the rest of your life. So even though cheaply made scapulars are a good way to get more people vested, what kind of shield is that? They just don’t cut it as a lifelong sign of devotion and protection.

Not to mention how scratchy and uncomfortable most scapulars are. Mary’s promises are meant to comfort you, not the opposite. That’s why our scapulars are made with super-strong paracord and the softest Australian merino wool. Because an unbroken promise deserves an unbreakable scapular!

Family is very important to us. That’s why we’re happy to give discounts to large orders for families! (10% off orders of 5 or more scapulars, and 20% off orders of 10 or more!)

About the Devotion

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel promised that anyone who dies wearing the brown scapular would not suffer the eternal fire. However just wearing a scapular is not enough. It is not a magical token. You have to be “vested” in this Carmelite devotion by a Catholic priest, and, more importantly, you have to keep the promises that it involves. But once you’re in, you’re in for life. (All of our scapulars come with a handy prayer card to bring to a priest so you can be vested right away!)

And let’s be absolutely clear: no sacramental gives grace by its own merit. Rather, “by the Church’s prayer they prepare us to receive grace and dispose us to cooperate with it.” (CCC 1670) And even in the most basic material sense, what you wear affects how you perceive yourself. This sacramental is a way to remind yourself constantly of Our Lady’s love and intercession for us—an exterior sign of interior fidelity… ultimately to Jesus, her Son.


Our goal with scapulars.com® was not just to create the most durable and comfortable scapular ever made (though we’re clearly proud of that feat). We exist to share the devotion of the brown scapular so as to place all Catholics under the protection of Our Lady.

That’s why we’re making it our mission to give scapulars away to those who need them most. For every individual scapular purchased on our site, we give one away to an elderly person in need. 

We also set aside funds to provide free scapulars to religious and to young people on pilgrimage. We want them to know that they are never alone—that their heavenly Mother is always right beside them, and their brothers and sisters are praying for them.

In the end, we want every Catholic in the world to be clothed in the brown scapular and under the protection of the Blessed Virgin!