OLMC White Rose | Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Premium Brown Scapular



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This brown scapular features a beautiful, original image of Our Lady and the child Jesus in a blue and white rose design.

Bringing much-needed innovation to this beloved sacramental, our scapulars are made with super-strong American paracord and super-soft Australian merino wool. Plus, the patent-pending design includes a pocket for your favorite sacred medal—so it won’t wear your cord out! In fact, if it wears out from normal use within 3 years, we'll replace it for free.

Long story short: this is the most durable, comfortable scapular ever made.


We sell scapulars because we think everyone should have one—but we know not everybody can afford one. That's why for every individual scapular purchased on our website, we give back to someone in need. We also set aside part of every purchase to give scapulars away to religious and young people.

You might be saying, “Now wait just a minute, scapulars.com. Is this a brown scapular?”

Excellent question! Yes! This scapular is made with the finest brown merino wool on the side closest to the skin.

The blue cords and holy images are a traditional addition, but the brown wool is the essential piece of what Our Lady gave St. Simon Stock in 1251.


Scapulars.com® is proud to be family-owned. We’re happy to provide discounts on orders of multiple scapulars so you can vest all of your loved ones in Our Lady’s care! Check the pricing chart for details.


# of Scapulars Discount Amount
Price per Scapular
10+ 20%


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  • Length: 15"
  • Scapular Square: 1 1/4" x 1"