St. Raphael the Archangel Sterling Silver Medal

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St. Raphael is one of the seven Archangels and one of the three that have been named in the Bible. St. Raphael is mentioned explicitly by name in the Old Testament from the Book of Tobit in the story of Sarah and Tobiah. Raphael appeared as a human guide for Tobiah, to heal Tobiah of his blindness, and to defeat the demon that hovered over Tobiah's future wife Sarah. Raphael is thus known for healing as his name means "God heals." St. Raphael is the Patron Saint of travelers, the blind, bodily ills, happy meetings, nurses, physicians and medical workers. His feast day is celebrated on September 29th with the other Archangels. 

Product Details

  • Sterling Silver
  • 3/4-inch tall by 1/2-inch wide
  • Optional chain in various sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits in your scapular pocket

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