In the 13th century, Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic with a precious gift: the Holy Rosary. This prayer invites us to walk with the Blessed Mother through the whole life of Jesus Christ, meditating on the mysteries of salvation and God’s great love for us.

While the basic structure of the prayer hasn’t changed over the centuries, the crucifix, beads, and centerpiece are rendered differently by different artists. These alterations don't change the nature of the prayer, but they certainly can enhance the sacramental as a tool for meditation and contemplation! 

Lifetime Rosaries feature exquisite Italian metalwork, custom cast for our collection! Below we will dive into the beautiful symbolism infused into Lifetime Rosaries and the intentional details unique to


Symbolism of the “Deliverance Cross” Crucifix

The focal point of any rosary is going to be the crucifix. So when our founder, Steve Kerekes, began to design the ideal rosary, he knew he had to start with this glorious symbol of our Salvation.

Every detail of the Deliverance Cross was designed with heartfelt, prayerful intention. This special meaning is perfect for meditation during your prayers, particularly as you pray the Sorrowful Mysteries!

Let’s dive into the details you may have missed:

  1. The Latin prayers encircling our Savior’s body read, “Deliver me, Jesus” and “Have mercy on me, Jesus.” This comes from the Litany of Trust.
  2. Jesus’ halo is a symbol of the Holy Eucharist, calling to mind Christ’s gift of himself as food for our journey to Heaven.
  3. The outward facing and pointed body of Christ on the front of the crucifix represents the transcendent nature of God and his love poured out for all nations.
  4. The interwoven “Cosmatic” design on the back represents the eternal nature of God. The Star of the Sea at the center of the cross honors our Blessed Mother, who accompanied Jesus at Calvary. 
Deliverance Cross

Symbolism of the Miraculous Medal Rosary Centerpiece

The centerpiece of a rosary does not follow a strict formula. Usually this central medal will depict Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or a saint on the front and back. Each Lifetime Rosary features a miraculous medal in the centerpiece, as this is the only medal designed by Our Lady herself!

Let’s get into the deeper meaning behind the miraculous medal:

  1. The Blessed Mother appeared to St. Catherine Laboure as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in 1830, the year inscribed on the globe under her feet. Her stance on the globe crushes the head of the serpent and represents her dominion as Queen of Heaven and Earth. 
  2. Rays of light stream from her fingertips, echoing the many graces she obtains for her children who ask.
  3. She is surrounded by the words, “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”
  4. The vision then turned to the back of the medal, where we see the hearts of Jesus and Mary on fire with love for us. 
  5. The bar below the cross represents the earth. Mary’s initial is intertwined with this symbol, indicating her close participation in the work of redemption. This image is surrounded by the crown of 12 stars referenced in Revelation.

Each and every Deliverance Cross and Miraculous Medal is custom-crafted by our talented partners in Italy. Browse our rosary collection to find the colors that best fit your style. We hope each and every detail blesses your prayer life for years to come!

Steve Kerekes, Founder of

Steve Kerekes
Founder of

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